Island destinations Exotic and Unconventional Vacations to help Revitalize your body and Heart 

Looking for an ideal beach holiday destination that stands true testimony to the saying, “Good vibes starts on Tides!”

Well, that is what Island destination beach holidays are all about – creating the right mix of environment to revitalize your body and offer happy and healthy memories to your heart.  Island destinations offer the most unconventional yet simple and the best holiday programs by the beach! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the most exciting exotic vacation you have always wanted!

The Exotic Holiday Packages from Island Destination Includes: 

Accommodation at Spacious Villas Offering Great views of the Ocean Sunrise: In conjunction with beautiful, spacious, eco-friendly Resort Maldives, Island destination arranges accommodation at the most spacious bungalows and villas that offer beautiful views of the ocean, sunrise and sunset. In addition, these spacious bungalows have all the amenities to make you feel like royalty – Spacious bathrooms, showers, private pools to relieve you of the jetlag and charge you up for the excitement and fun on the Islands.

Great Food Treat to your Taste Buds:

The Island Destination Partner hotels Maldives offer delicious food to tickle your taste buds. Enjoy the most delicious Mediterranean food, wine, and not to forget delicious fish dining at open kitchen Salt.

Adventure filled Active Life:

If you are not the person who prefers to laze around, just lay on the beach and watch the tides rise and fall, not to worry! The many Island Destination beach resorts Maldives offer plenty of adventure activities both above and under the waters. From snorkeling, kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, Watersports, and many more.

Island Destination – Committed to Customer Satisfaction!

Island destinations believe in establishing relationship with customers to achieve business goals. A satisfied and happy customer is key to helping us build and spread our brand awareness far-and-wide.  Accordingly, we pay close attention to every minute detail and take feedback from your customers seriously.